Compassionate Healing

Kyrios’ Unique Abilities, Deep Understanding of Causality, and Intricate Knowledge of the Human Body, Enables Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment of Illnesses

Kyrios helps to preserve life and alleviate suffering of good people.

Scientific Approach to Kyrios' Healing

Kyrios’ sight enables peering into bodily cells to observe biological activity and reactions.
Kyrios can identify the presence of abnormal cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body.
Kyrios’ sight extends beyond the range that instruments such as X-Ray or the MRI can see.
Recovery process for one's physical health is observable through medical apparatuses.
  • Doctors could not diagnose my fungal meningitis and thought it was auto-immunity. Kyrios saw and eliminated all the fungal infection in my brain. I’m now fully recovered.— Max
  • Kyrios reconnected my ruptured blood vessels, removed my brain clot, and allowed me to make a full recovery 7 days after my haemorrhagic stroke.— Kenneth
  • Kyrios' unique abilities demonstrate that there is much for us to understand and learn; that scientific knowledge still has its limits even to this day.— Lyon

How Does Kyrios Help People Recover From Their Illnesses?

Kyrios starts by analysing the one's situation and identifying the root cause. Kyrios explains that illnesses may manifest as a result of specific causative action(s) in the past. Such illnesses are predestined, and treating them before their natural predetermined end will require a corresponding compensation to achieve an equilibrium.

There is a causal relationship between our own actions and behaviours, and negative phenomena such as illnesses.— Kyrios

Such compensation can be monetary where one pays medical practitioners for consultation and treatment. It can also be in the form of sincere repentance and resolving to correct undesirable behaviours, thoughts, and most importantly, actions. Lastly, someone able can also help to bear the weight of this causation, but that will mean experiencing the same aggravating symptoms as the person. Since Kyrios as a matter of strict principle does not accept monetary payments, Kyrios has to rely on the latter two options. As such, Kyrios has limits on who she can help.

After deliberating on these considerations, Kyrios will then determine if she can help using her range of abilities to cure one’s illness.

Kyrios Creationism

Learn how one can prevent illnesses and avert calamities by understanding the laws and constructs of the Universe, Life, and our Existence.