The 5 stages of COVID-19

Kyrios says, “There are a total of 5 stages in the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries are now in the 2nd stage, but if governments do not implement urgent and strict countermeasures, then we will enter the 3rd stage.”

The 1st stage:

COVID-19 mainly infects adults and the elderly; children and infants are less likely to be infected.

The 2nd stage:

Mutated strains of COVID-19 begin to infect more people of younger demographics, including even young children.

The 3rd stage:

The virus will accelerate its spread through birds and animals.

Today, countless patients crowd outside the hospitals of many less-developed nations, and the morgues can no longer hold more bodies. If governments of these nations do not take better charge of handling the corpses, the stench of unburied and improperly buried corpses will spread through the air. Once birds and animals are attracted to the bodies, they may get infected, and the virus will then mutate in their bodies. Infected birds and animals will go on to spread the virus everywhere.

The new variant is not only more “aggressive”, it also has a longer incubation period. It can survive for an extended time in the air and adapt well in the human body at temperatures between 37-49 degrees Celsius. In addition, more asymptomatic patients will test negative for the virus, and they will unknowingly exacerbate the spread of the virus. Once the disease takes hold in the infectees, it will be severe, and death can quickly follow. As demise approaches, the infectees will release a large amount of virus into the air while gasping for breath. Without thorough disinfection of the air, more people will get infected.

Countermeasures: Governments must arrange vehicles to disinfect the cities’ air and environment daily, set up more quarantine facilities to isolate the infected, and increase the number of morgues to hold corpses safely. Most importantly, bodies of the infected must be cremated.

The 4th stage:

The virus will infect rodents and the pandemic will worsen to the point reminiscent of the Black Death in the 14th century.

At that time, not even vaccines can stop the mutated virus. When the virus infects humans through rodents and other animals, it will lead to governments exterminating more animals, and their carcasses will further pollute the environment and the air. At that point, the world will no longer return to its previous state–humanity will enter an era of panic and fear.

The 5th stage:

Abandoned dead bodies will taint oceans and water sources.

If governments still fail to implement countermeasures during the 4th stage and allow carcasses to be disposed of in water sources or near them, resulting in waters being tainted with blood, we will no longer have clean water sources.

Currently, we are reaching the 3rd stage. Everyone needs to unite and take preventive measures seriously. Governments must quickly resolve these issues effectively to prevent further spread of the virus. Only then can we stop the pandemic from worsening.

Please pass this message on so that relevant authorities and personnel can be alerted to urgently resolve the present crisis and avert the dire, irremediable consequences ahead.

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