A gravely depressed U.S. economy stymies Trump’s bid for the second term

The United States of America will face an economic crisis in the coming years. This may cause economic recessions in some countries and may lead to President Donald Trump losing his current political position.

Update on 8 Aug 2020:

On 8 August 2020, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that the COVID-19 crisis has officially launched the U.S. economy into a recession. Millions of Americans are losing their jobs and the U.S. production is curbed due to closures across the USA. According to NEBR, the U.S. economy has never seen such a sharp drop over such a short period of time, not even during the 1929 Great Depression, or the 2007 Great Recession.

Along with the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines, to name a few, have also fallen into recession. Analysis by The Economist claims COVID-19 will send almost all G20 countries into a recession by 2020. Moreover, according to The World Bank COVID-19 will plunge the global economy into the worst recession since World War II.

Trump’s approval ratings on the economy also slipped. According to a latest poll by Gallup on 17 August 2020, Trump’s approval rating on the economy slipped by as much as 15 percentage points since January, from 63% to 48%, showing that many people are dissatisfied with the way the Trump administration is handling the economy. In addition, according to RealClear Politics, presidential candidate, Joe Biden, leads Trump on the polls by an average of 7.1 percentage points as of 26 August 2020.

The prophecy that Kyrios made regarding Donald Trump losing his current political position has also come true. Joe Biden emerged victorious on 8 November 2020 for the US presidential election, garnering more than the required 270 electoral votes to beat Donald Trump and successfully becoming America’s 46th president. US Electoral College formally confirms Joe Biden’s victory over Trump on 14 December 2020.