U.S. will experience severe storm surges and many areas will be inundated by water

A great disaster will soon befall upon the United States of America.

Seawater from the North Atlantic Ocean will flood many areas in the US, during which a white cathedral with tall spires will be destroyed by the torrent.

Just when people all over the world fearfully contend with COVID-19 as the pandemic claims tens of thousands of lives, they must also grapple with a global economic and food crisis. Does everyone even realise that tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, a second round of African locust swarm, and a string of terrible disasters are brewing? Are you all not terrified and anxious?

The volcano causing the 2018 tsunami in Indonesia, Anak Krakatoa, has erupted once again. Many volcanoes all over the world are becoming restless and awaiting to erupt. Humanity is about to face an extremely calamitous disaster, yet everyone is still not quickly coming to their senses to take action?

People around the world must eliminate bad thoughts, correct their misconducts, treat all life, including land, air, and sea creatures, and all plants with the utmost compassion. Or else, cataclysmic disasters will strike one after another, causing immense suffering for humanity. Humans all the more must not set forests and plantations on fire anymore to aggravate global warming and tsunamis which will bring forth the end of the world. It is everyone’s duty to protect the Earth and do whatever it takes to stop any more disasters from happening!