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Some Scientists Will Advocate The Advanced Technological Capabilities Of Aliens, And Strive To Cooperate With Them To Invent...

On 14 June 2024, Kyrios prophesied that "Some scientists will advocate the advanced technological capabilities of aliens, and strive to cooperate with them to invent new technologies and more. They will also fervently promote aliens as the Creator, resulting in some people to worship aliens and not believe in God. The arrival of aliens will be warmly received by these scientists."

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Most Transportation Vehicles Will Be Driverless, Powered By AI Software. However, To Reassure Passengers, Airlines Will Use Realistic...

On 6 June 2024, Kyrios prophesied that "Most transportation vehicles will be driverless, powered by AI software. However, to reassure passengers, airlines will use realistic AI humanoid pilots to give the impression that a real human is flying the plane. AI Humanoids will also serve as flight attendants and some will come onboard as passengers."

Visions and Prophecies