From Physics To The Metaphysics,
Kyrios Has Vast Knowledge Of Our World And
Its Intricate Natural And Celestial Systems.

Kyrios shares this knowledge for the benefit of all humanity.

Kyrios' Work

Contributing to the betterment of humanity is at the heart of Kyrios' endeavours. From teachings to crisis interventions, Kyrios' work is dedicated to bringing knowledge, kindness, harmony and peace to the world.

  • Kyrios Creationism

  • History of the Universe and Life

    Learn the origins of our Universe and the true history of events on Earth

  • Earth-Moon Systems

    Discover the profound systems unknown to science that maintains balance and order in our natural world.

  • Righteousness

    Uphold, practice and advocate morally right values and behaviours to enable everlasting peace and happiness

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Visions / COVID-19 Pandemic

If COVID-19 pandemic is not contained, SARS-CoV-2 virus will evolve with disastrous consequences‐ Kyrios

Stage 1

Virus is airborne. Older generations with weaker immunity and existing ailments are more susceptible.

Stage 2

Virus is more virulent and younger generations including children and infants are equally susceptible. Virus also acclimatises to warmer temperatures.

Stage 5

Abandoned dead bodies of humans and animals will taint oceans and water sources.

Stage 4

Virus infects rodents and the pandemic worsens to the point reminiscent of the Black Death in the 14th century.

Stage 3

Birds and animals accelerate the proliferation of the virus globally.

Kyrios' visions include past, present and future events. Events are based on the law of causality which develop according to the actions and behaviours of people. As such, Kyrios teaches that visions of future events, especially those of calamitous ones, can also change. Kyrios hopes that everyone can unite and jointly act to avert the suffering and loss of lives depicted in some of these visions.

Latest from Kyrios' Desk

20 Jun 2021

Fighting COVID-19 with You

Kyrios is saddened by the tragic deaths and the many hardships Malaysians have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, over the next two months beginning 18 June 2021, Kyrios will release her energy bursts over West Malaysia and Singapore to help eliminate the virus in the environment. Kyrios hopes that everyone, regardless of nationality, race or religion, can be united and help one another to get through this pandemic.

13 Jun 2021

Oceans as a Dumping Ground

In recent months, we have seen startling examples of human’s disregard for our planet’s ecosystems by treating our oceans as a limitless garbage dump.

11 Jul 2021

The Decline of United States Has Begun

The outlook for the United States economy is looking very rosy, with many economists expecting 2021 to be the strongest year for the economy since 1951. However, Kyrios says that this economic revitalisation in the U.S. will not last. Kyrios forecasts that the U.S. is destined to face a series of economic and geopolitical setbacks, with signs appearing as soon as July 2021, worsening going into 2022 and becoming even more dire in 2023. Why would the United States face this gloomy predicament?


Malaysians forced to raise flags for help

By Kyrios10 Jul 2021

Crisis Interventions

Restoring Arctic ice with the focus on Greenland’s glaciers

22 Aug 2021

Beating back the rains in Japan and China, and putting out wildfires in Siberia

1 Sep 2020

Extinguishing the historic 2019-2020 Australian bushfires with summertime rain and hail

1 Mar 2020


World War III cannot be avoided, but it will be short-lived

4 Oct 2021

The dominance of the United States of America is over; the U.S. can no longer maintain its position as the No. 1 global superpower

7 Apr 2021

Chinese Yuan will be the Global Currency of the Future

26 Oct 2019

In future, temperatures will rise causing heatwaves above 50 degrees Celsius

10 Jul 2019

In future, one of the four political parties forming the Malaysia Pakatan Harapan coalition will leave

21 Dec 2018

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