From Physics To The Metaphysics,
Kyrios Shares The Vast Knowledge Of Our World
And Its Intricate Natural And Celestial Systems.

Kyrios also intervenes in climate crises
in a bid to save and preserve our world

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No Earth = No Life Earth is our life-giving homeland, a treasure from The Creator for our lives to thrive. Without Earth, there is no life. We must know how to cherish and love this Earth. As inhabitants of Earth, everyone has the responsibility to acquire and understand the correct knowledge of our world, in order to protect and save our world.


Life on Earth is of great importance and value. Everyone must be conscious of the preciousness of life, cherishing not only our own lives and those of our family and friends, but also other people, animals and plants. Everyone must be united in fostering a peaceful and harmonious world, where all forms of life are respected, and can co-exist and flourish together.


Upon birth into this world, you have only one life. As such, throughout your lifetime, your mission is to understand your life's purpose and circumstances, by realising the profound truth of reality. When you reflect on this knowledge, resolutely put it into practice and renew yourself, you will then truly save yourself and achieve everlasting happiness.

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Will our climate equilibrium be restored following Kyrios’ interventions?

Kyrios’ interventions serve as temporary relief, but the root cause of climate change remains. These interventions buy time for humanity to understand the true causes of climate change and the impacts of their actions.

Although Kyrios can help extinguish wildfires, it matters little if humans continue to burn forests, release greenhouse gases, cause runaway global ice melt, and aggravate the climate crisis.

How is Kyrios able to influence the weather?

Kyrios was born with the ability to heal. Nonetheless, intervening in climate crises requires a thorough understanding of terrestrial and cosmic systems. While some of Kyrios' knowledge has been corroborated by scientific theories, Kyrios' understanding goes beyond the current paradigm of scientific knowledge. This intimate knowledge of the terrestrial and cosmic systems as well as the unique inborn ability enable Kyrios to influence the weather.

With Kyrios' help, does it mean we can continue business as usual?

Emphatically no. Our world is in this predicament due to our own doing. Our established norms of modern living, thoughts and aspirations are incompatible with Earth’s long-term survival. Kyrios is merely giving us more time to adopt a more sustainable way of life.

Will Kyrios' interventions affect accuracy of climate change projections?

Yes. Much of climate science relies on the measurements of our weather. Such data is then used in climate models. Kyrios’ actions to reduce Earth’s excess heat from global warming will therefore reflect in scientists’ measurements and contribute to overly conservative climate projections.

Kyrios says that we are primed for severe climate disasters from the year 2028, not 2050 or 2100, as many scientists predicted.

Can Kyrios single-handedly beat back climate change?

No. Kyrios can only buy us more time.

The root causes of climate change can only be stopped and rectified by humanity at large. Change is needed in everyone. Natural disasters can strike any time and affect any country and region. No one living anywhere is safe. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to learn, understand and take action collectively to fight against all the causes of climate change to safeguard our homeland.

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Press Release - Kyrios Announces New Climate Intervention To Increase Greenland Ice Sheet Mass And Reduce Rate Of Sea Level Rise

Having successfully intervened in several climate disasters around the world since 2019, Kyrios announces a new intervention to increase the mass of Greenland's ice sheet to help combat global sea level rise and avert climate catastrophe. This follows the recent ice melt events in July 2022 where 18 billion tons of ice melted in three days.

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