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Key Intervention Areas

Kyrios' climate interventions in these key areas aims to reverse anthropogenic climate change through deliberate weather modifications, healing the damage done to Earth's systems and buying us time to make society more sustainable. This complements existing mitigation and adaptation measures. Kyrios also intervenes in climate disasters to reduce their destructive impacts on affected communities.

Greenland ice sheet

To slow down the rise of sea levels and prevent the global climate system from breaking down, Kyrios has been intervening since August 2021 to preserve and even increase the ice mass in Greenland.

The Greenland ice sheet is a large mass of glacial land ice near the north pole which lies within the Arctic Circle. This permanent ice mass is required for global climate systems to function and for life on Earth to thrive as it acts as a planetary cooling system and also allows for temperature and salinity gradients as well as pressure systems to develop.

Regrettably, the ice sheet has been experiencing a net loss of ice every year since 1996 at an accelerating pace due to anthropogenic climate change. If all the ice melts, global sea levels would rise by about 7.4 metres.

Antarctic ice sheet

To slow down sea level rise and prevent the global climate system from breaking down, Kyrios has been intervening since November 2021 to create more favourable conditions in the Antarctic region to preserve and protect the ice.

The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest single mass of ice on Earth located on the southernmost continent, Antarctica. Despite its remote location, the ice mass is essential for Earth’s systems and climate to function. It acts as a planetary cooling system and allows for temperature and salinity gradients as well as pressure systems to develop – all of which are all necessary for global climate system processes and for life on Earth to thrive.

In the last decade, the South Pole has experienced warming of three times the global average. Total ice loss in Antarctica due to climate change has increased fivefold, from 43 gigaton per year on average between 1992 and 2002, to an average of 220 gigaton per year from 2012 to 2017. Scientists have warned that glaciers in West Antarctica have passed the point of no return and are now in an irreversible decline. If the entire ice sheet melts, sea levels would rise by about 60 metres.

Arctic sea ice

In a bid to preserve the Arctic sea ice and avert a near-term climate catastrophe, Kyrios has been intervening officially since August 2021 to reverse the decline in Arctic sea ice levels.

The Arctic sea ice plays an important role in maintaining and regulating Earth’s temperature and climate. It facilitates the circulation of ocean water which is a key regulator of climate. The vast quantities of floating sea ice formed from seawater increases during winter and decreases in summer. Since 1979, the Arctic sea ice extent has experienced a 13-percent-per-decade decrease. Scientists estimate the Arctic could be ice-free in summer as early as 2030.


Kyrios has been intervening since August 2019 to put out forest fires so as to curb carbon and heat emissions, and limit their impacts on our environment, climate and ice cover.

Earth’s forests produce a significant portion of the planet’s surface oxygen and negative ions, purifying the air and removing excess heat while also at the same time absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition, forests help raise humidity levels while also retaining moisture on land, thereby facilitating regular rainfall patterns that support life. Soil layers and even deeper layers beneath the Earth crust thus become cooler as well. As such, forests are integral in enabling vast complex ecosystems and life to thrive on Earth.

Kyrios warns that should deforestation and the burning of forests continue, droughts will become commonplace, and heatwaves across the world may reach scorching temperatures of 50-80 degrees Celsius. Forest fires build up heat not only at the atmospheric level and surface layer on Earth, but also within Earth, such as in the mantle and core, leading to increased tectonic and seismic activities.


Kyrios intervenes to extinguish forest fires and restore polar ice to prevent increased volcanic activity globally in spite of global warming. On rare occasions, Kyrios has also intervened to prevent volcanoes from erupting.

Volcanoes are openings or vents in the Earth's crust through which hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases are released. Majority of volcanoes on Earth are underwater and most volcanic activity takes place along plate boundaries. Volcanoes along with hydrothermal vents, hot springs, and geysers are means for the Earth to release excess heat from its core and mantle. Thus, when the Earth heats up due to global warming or as a result of forest fires, an increase in volcanic activity is expected. Volcanic eruptions can also lead to earthquakes and tsunamis with devastating consequences.

Climate disasters

By intervening in climate disasters, Kyrios is essentially treating only the symptoms. The root causes of climate change and disasters must still be addressed by humanity at large.

Global warming brought about primarily by human activities has been driving climate change and fueling increasingly extreme weather, causing natural disasters to surge in recent years.

Since 2019, Kyrios has been responding to requests to intervene in climate-related disasters such as wildfires, extreme precipitation, floods, hurricanes, typhoons and heat waves around the world to reduce the impacts on communities and the environment. However, it's not possible for Kyrios to be able to intervene in all climate disasters. There are considerations for each intervention, and in situations where Kyrios can intervene, people on the ground are needed to help provide real-time data while it's underway.

What are the true underlying causes of climate change? Why do some countries experience more disasters than others? It's important for everyone to understand the reasons, so that we may all lead peaceful and blissful lives on Earth.

For climate intervention requests, please write to us here.

Crisis Interventions

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Join us to Save Our World together


No Earth = No Life Earth is our life-giving homeland, a treasure from The Creator for our lives to thrive. Without Earth, there is no life. We must know how to cherish and love this Earth. As inhabitants of Earth, everyone has the responsibility to acquire and understand the correct knowledge of our world, in order to protect and save our world.


Life on Earth is of great importance and value. Everyone must be conscious of the preciousness of life, cherishing not only our own lives and those of our family and friends, but also other people, animals and plants. Everyone must be united in fostering a peaceful and harmonious world, where all forms of life are respected, and can co-exist and flourish together.


Upon birth into this world, you have only one life. As such, throughout your lifetime, your mission is to understand your life's purpose and circumstances, by realising the profound truth of reality. When you reflect on this knowledge, resolutely put it into practice and renew yourself, you will then truly save yourself and achieve everlasting happiness.

Your Questions,
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Will our climate equilibrium be restored following Kyrios’ interventions?

Kyrios’ interventions serve as temporary relief, but the root cause of climate change remains. These interventions buy time for humanity to understand the true causes of climate change and the impacts of their actions.

Although Kyrios can help extinguish wildfires, it matters little if humans continue to burn forests, release greenhouse gases, cause runaway global ice melt, and aggravate the climate crisis.

How is Kyrios able to influence the weather?

Kyrios was born with the ability to heal. Nonetheless, intervening in climate crises requires a thorough understanding of terrestrial and cosmic systems. While some of Kyrios' knowledge has been corroborated by scientific theories, Kyrios' understanding goes beyond the current paradigm of scientific knowledge. This intimate knowledge of the terrestrial and cosmic systems as well as the unique inborn ability enable Kyrios to influence the weather.

With Kyrios' help, does it mean we can continue business as usual?

Emphatically no. Our world is in this predicament due to our own doing. Our established norms of modern living, thoughts and aspirations are incompatible with Earth’s long-term survival. Kyrios is merely giving us more time to adopt a more sustainable way of life.

Will Kyrios' interventions affect accuracy of climate change projections?

Yes. Much of climate science relies on the measurements of our weather. Such data is then used in climate models. Kyrios’ actions to reduce Earth’s excess heat from global warming will therefore reflect in scientists’ measurements and contribute to overly conservative climate projections.

Kyrios says that we are primed for severe climate disasters from the year 2028, not 2050 or 2100, as many scientists predicted.

Can Kyrios single-handedly beat back climate change?

No. Kyrios can only buy us more time.

The root causes of climate change can only be stopped and rectified by humanity at large. Change is needed in everyone. Natural disasters can strike any time and affect any country and region. No one living anywhere is safe. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to learn, understand and take action collectively to fight against all the causes of climate change to safeguard our homeland.

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