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The Unknown Science of The Moon

Did you know that the Moon not only influences global sea levels, but also global climate?

Skyline and Large Moon on the Horizon. Downtown Chicago with Hancock Tower on the Right Side.

Feeling unbearable, Kyrios needs to tell the whole world, the profound and legendary truth of The Creation.

Most humans are unaware that our lives are connected in synchrony with the Moon and Earth, that life of infinity and its cycles of operation are interconnected with the state of all balancing systems. The Moon is a system that balances and controls the high and low tides of oceans on Earth; Everything in the world created by The Creator has systematic frameworks of balancing systems incorporated, that can never be easily witnessed by human’s naked eyes.

Once the state of the combined interactive system of the Moon and the Earth’s balanced orbit is damaged by humans, Earth’s tides will be out of control, causing the entire natural system to collapse. The weather will change to an unusual climate, triggering mega typhoons, torrential rains, hail and frost, and tsunamis. At that point, all of humanity will have to face terrible natural disasters, until the world comes to an end.

Hence all the while, Kyrios has been urging countries and wealthy businessmen with advanced space technology not to harbour thoughts of exploiting the Moon for the sake of profiting, displaying prowess or expansion of human settlements.

In recent years, many countries worldwide like China, the U.S., Europe, India, and Australia, have frequently experienced record-breaking rains and floods. This is not only a sign of climate change, but also a signal that the Earth-Moon system is out of balance.

In July 2021, a new study by NASA found that the combination of the Moon’s gravitational pull, climate change and rising sea levels would aggravate the floods along the coastlines of the U.S. and the world. The main reason is due to a wobble in the Moon’s orbit. Although first observed in 1728, it was only recently that scientists realised how the wobble affects the Moon’s gravitational pull, in combination with sea-level rise due to the planet’s warming. According to research and analysis, a wobble cycle is 18.6 years. During half of this cycle, the Earth’s regular daily tides are suppressed: high tides are lower, and low tides are higher. In the other half of the cycle, tides are amplified: high tides become higher, and low tides become lower.

Kyrios says, the Moon wobble is an abnormal phenomenon; it is a sign that the Earth and Moon balancing system is malfunctioning. Records of this astrological phenomenon going back centuries indicate that this system has begun losing its equilibrium since a long time ago, and modern humans’ lunar expeditions and activities will only accelerate its deterioration.

What is still unknown to the world is that the Moon actually has a protective layer that is invisible to the naked eye. Any landing on the moon is enough to damage this protective layer, let alone attempts to build or extract resources from the Moon. Humans are not allowed to land on the Moon to explore, damage, and mess up the natural resources on the Moon. Therefore, whether it is an unmanned probe or manned landing on the Moon, it will definitely exacerbate the already malfunctioning orbital balance system of the Moon and the Earth, affecting the ocean’s high and low tide system to fail simultaneously, causing the balancing systems to be out of control, and leading to a rapid deluge of Earth’s seawater.

Following NASA’s report, the researchers made a prediction and released a warning that the next tidal amplification phase will begin in the mid-2030s. At that time, coupled with further rise in sea levels due to greenhouse gases, coastal regions all around the U.S. will experience a surge in high-tide floods, leading to coastal cities being frequently inundated. The floods will occur in clusters lasting a month or longer. Coastal areas that experience floods twice or thrice a month today will likely encounter twelve or more flood incidents within a month in the future.

Scientists’ new discoveries have not only affirmed Kyrios’ knowledge of the Earth and Moon balancing systems, but their prediction also coincides with Kyrios’ prophetic vision in 1989: “In the future, a quarter of the U.S. will be submerged”. In 2020, Kyrios had visions of the future depicting many countries experiencing water-related disasters, signifying that the world is going to face constant flooding. Kyrios adds that not only will parts of the U.S. be inundated, parts of Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and more, will also be submerged. Many places will also experience wind-related calamities, landslides, mudslides, sinkholes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tectonic movement, and more.

Hence, Kyrios reiterates that stopping the lunar missions to preserve the Moon in its pristine state is a matter of life and death for humans.

Kyrios says:

“World leaders, wealthy businessmen, astronauts and scientists, please be sure to focus on having a very clear, thorough understanding of this truth. Do not unwittingly destroy the balance systems of the enigmatic Universe for the sake of curiosity. Without the Moon, Earth will not have illumination; oceans will lose their stability, and there will be uncontrolled, indiscriminate flooding. Without the Earth, life will not be able to exist - Earth is our Life-giving homeland.

Nothing is formed naturally and easily available. To have a child, there is also a process to conceive and give birth. All natural resources from nature, the Universe, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, all living beings, as well as the structure of plant growth, are genuinely the miraculous creations of The Creator. The Creator also provides all the secrets and treasures to longevity – air currents of mist, oxygen ions and hydrogen ions – to aid organs in the human body to prolong life and function healthily; humans must know how to cherish them. Do not randomly damage and destroy any of the natural resources’ enigmatic and wondrous balancing systems and systematic frameworks created by The Creator, otherwise it will cause the climate of the entire Earth to spiral out of control, triggering natural and man-made disasters, that if severe, will bring about the world’s end.

No one is allowed to willfully destroy any systematic frameworks and natural resources created by The Creator. To all world leaders, wealthy businessmen, astronauts and scientists, the safety of the lives and homelands of everyone in the world lies in your hands. Hope that you will all consider the well-being of the people, as such acts will lead to worldwide existential crisis and deaths, which is tantamount to harming lives intentionally. Such sins will not be pardoned. These are the truths and facts that humans must accept. Everyone has the responsibility to know how to be grateful, for The Creator has conferred upon all of us, the precious secrets to longevity and infinite compassion, enabling all of us to lead blessed lives in this world.”