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Kyrios' Earth Day Message 2022

Kyrios Says: The Earth Is Our Homeland. No Earth = No Life

Earth is the homeland to humans and all other forms of life. Without Earth, we would not be able to stay alive.

All humans must love and protect this homeland and know how to treasure and safeguard this homeland and its environment.

Never burn the forests and the ground, as doing so would damage Earth’s geological structure and the roots of life.

Never dump chemicals on land and in the seas as it would damage their natural ecosystems.

Never wantonly deforest and level mountains, or damage Earth’s soil. Otherwise, it will not be possible to grow food to meet humanity’s needs and storms will not be effectively blocked too.

Earth’s water sources are a form of sustenance for life and there are reasons for freshwater and seawater to exist separately. Do not indiscriminately pollute and contaminate them.

Every person and all lifeforms exist for a reason. Therefore, we must love, protect, and respect all life. Do not harm or kill them. Live harmoniously with all life and develop one’s compassion through acts of love and care.

Humanity must understand the intention and purpose for the creation of Heaven and Earth, as well as the existence of all life.

In this world from 2019 till now in 2022, wave after wave of comprehensively planned disasters by humans have brought about never-ending tragedies, causing many people to be in distress and even lose their lives. Everyone around the world needs to know how to discern between truths and falsehoods and be very clear who the real perpetrators are.

For world peace, prosperity, and harmony to be restored, everyone must learn to walk the righteous path and to realise and correct their wrongful ways. Humans must not behave maliciously, have domineering attitudes, and deliberately create troubles. Evil acts and hegemonic behaviours must also be eliminated. Otherwise, if humanity constantly lives in strifeful times fraught with calamities and be tormented by cruelties, vexations and sufferings, what is the point?

Humans must know that Heaven and Earth, the Universe, our planet and the natural world are all treasures created for humanity’s existence.

Humans must understand the truth and the reason for their existence throughout their life journey. They must cherish their life and that of their families, as well as the fates of all future generations. Only by learning to be righteous and cultivating the right principles and right mindfulness can everyone live happily and blissfully in this world.

We must all be grateful to the 🌍 Earth. Earth is life’s treasure for all of us, supplying all the precious essentials that our bodies need daily for good health, while also giving us and all future generations a land to thrive in. People around the world must unite and coexist peacefully. We must cherish, love, and protect our Earth – the homeland of our lives.