Press Release - Kyrios Announces Intervention To Reduce Spread Of Virus In China (23 Feb Update)


In response to rising COVID-19 cases and increasing unrest due to lockdowns in China, Kyrios announces a new intervention to reduce the spread of the virus in China, with a goal to bring it under control within two weeks to two months.


  • 11 JAN 2023: "The pandemic in China will be brought under control soon. Beginning today, the situation will start to improve." – Kyrios

(Singapore – 30 November 2022) With the new Omicron variant, China is currently experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases. Kyrios does not wish to see the virus spread further. In addition, Kyrios does not wish to see people resort to destructive and uncivil behaviours due to grievances over China’s Zero-COVID policy and assign blame unfairly to President Xi Jinping. China has achieved its prosperity and economic power today largely because of Xi Jinping and his effective governance, as well as the full cooperation of the people. Xi Jinping is a rare leader with the wisdom, compassion and statesmanship that China needs to navigate today’s complex geopolitics.

Kyrios has therefore decided to help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus in China beginning 29 November, 2022. Kyrios will release energy that will descend onto Mainland China to neutralise viruses in the environment. Those who are infected will see speedier recovery rates too. The intervention may appear mysterious, but everyone will be able to observe it through a dramatic drop in COVID cases. Given the size of China, Kyrios requires two weeks in the best case scenario, otherwise it may require up to two months. Hopefully, this will enable China to welcome the upcoming Lunar New Year in peace and with happiness.

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Correction on 1 Dec 2022: Kyrios started intervening on 29 November and has also advised that the effects of this intervention can be observed in two weeks, instead of several weeks.
Clarification added 4 Dec 2022 on Kyrios’ mode of intervention.

About Kyrios

Born with extraordinary healing abilities, Kyrios has healed and touched the lives of thousands of people over the years with great love and compassion, without accepting any form of payment or reciprocation. Kyrios’ gift of healing includes the innate ability to peer into the human body down to the cellular level and the inherent understanding of how living organisms function.

Kyrios also have a vast, holistic understanding of Earth’s systems and how it operates, and also a unique innate ability to influence Earth’s climate systems to alter weather conditions. Since 2019, Kyrios has used this special ability to mitigate the effects of severe climate disasters, with a goal to restore our natural environment and protect lives. For more information, visit

新闻稿 - Kyrios 宣布采取干预措施以减少病毒在中国的传播


为了应对不断上升的新冠病例和因中国封锁而加剧的动荡局面,Kyrios 宣布了一项新的干预措施,以减少新冠病毒在中国的传播,目标是在两周到两个月内将其控制住。


  • 2023年1月11日: "中国的疫情会很快受到控制。 从今天起,形势将开始好转。" – Kyrios

(新加坡 - 2022 年 11 月 30 日)随着新奥密克戎(Omicron) 变种的出现,中国目前的新冠病例正在持续攀升。 Kyrios 不希望看到病毒进一步传播,更不希望看到人们因对中国“清零”政策的不满而采取破坏性和不文明的行为,并且不公地指责习近平主席。中国能取得今日的富强地位,很大程度上得益于习近平的有效治理,以及人民的通力合作。习近平主席是一位难得的领导人,充分具备了驾驭当今复杂地缘政治所需的智慧、慈悲心和政治家风范。

因此,Kyrios 决定从 2022 年 11 月 29 日开始帮助减缓新冠病毒在中国的传播。Kyrios 将发出能量降落到中国大陆以消除空气中的病毒,这也有助于患者迅速康复。这项干预可能听起来很玄妙,但大家可以通过目睹疫情的指数下降来观察它。鉴于中国幅员辽阔,在顺利的情况下,Kyrios 需要两周的时间,否则可能需要两个月的时间。希望这次的干预能够让中国平安快乐地迎接即将到来的农历新年。

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2022 年 12 月 1 日更正:Kyrios 是于 11 月 29 日开始干预。 Kyrios 说,两周内就可以观察到干预的效果而无需数周。
2022 年 12 月 4 日添加了关于 Kyrios 如何进行干预的说明。

关于 Kyrios

Kyrios 天生具有非凡的治愈能力,多年以来以大爱和慈悲治愈和感动了成千上万的人士,从不接受任何形式的报酬或回报。 Kyrios 透彻了解生物体到底如何运作,甚至能窥视人体内部直至细胞的超微结构。

Kyrios 对地球的结构和运行系统也有非常全面和深入的了解,独特的先天能力能影响地球的气候系统,以改变天气气候。 自 2019 年以来,Kyrios 都在以这种特殊能力来减轻严重的气候灾害,目标是修复我们的自然环境和保护众生命。 欲知更多信息,请上网