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When AI Robots And Humanoids Are Deployed Worldwide, People Will Lose Their Businesses And Jobs, And Not Be Able To Live Happily And Peacefully.

When AI robots and humanoids are deployed worldwide, people will lose their businesses and jobs, and not be able to live happily and peacefully.

Many white-collar workers, blue-collar workers and other professionals, including teachers, principals, policemen, judges, doctors, pharmacists, chefs, etc as well as most industries including even the sex industry, will be replaced by AI.

Many bosses, senior professionals and ordinary people will not be able to repay their loans, resulting in many people having to live in poverty and hardship.

I hope that leaders of countries around the world will think deeply for their own citizens. AI will take over people’s identities, their standing and livelihoods, causing them misery or even death. I urge all governments around the world to protect their countries and people by prioritising human lives and livelihoods above all else.

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