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About Kyrios

Born with extraordinary healing abilities* and understanding of our world, Kyrios' lifelong mission is to help people understand the true importance of our Earth and the purpose of life. In doing so, Kyrios endeavours to guide everyone to overcome their personal challenges as well as the crises faced by the world.

Throughout the years, Kyrios has healed and touched the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life without accepting any form of payment or reciprocation. Kyrios' gift of healing includes the innate ability to peer into the human body down to the cellular level and the inherent understanding of how living organisms function.

In recent times, disasters around the world have intensified, putting everyone's lives at risk. Having also the gift to see the future, Kyrios warns that Earth will soon be fraught with grave calamities of unprecedented scale, at timescales that scientists have not alluded to. In an urgent bid to mitigate the effects of climate change, Kyrios relied on decades of experiences in healing people to focus instead on healing the Earth. Kyrios points out that the physiology of the human body is actually very similar to Earth's, therefore, the process of rebalancing Earth's climate disequilibrium is very much like healing the human body of its ailments.

Kyrios' deep understanding of the structures and frameworks of Earth's natural systems and the Universe, extends beyond the current scientific paradigm. This vast knowledge, together with the gift to heal, has allowed Kyrios to intervene in weather and climate events to successfully avert climate chaos. Kyrios' ultimate goal is to aid in life preservation and protection of Earth – our homeland. Kyrios hopes that these interventions and the knowledge shared will give humanity more time and cause to understand, reflect and unite to address the root of these disasters.

For years, many followers of Kyrios have volunteered their time to support Kyrios in such interventive works. After witnessing Kyrios put out forest fires, restore polar ice, alleviate floods, and prevent volcanic eruptions, the followers came to address Kyrios as "Kyrios, The Earth Healer". The name and title were coined by followers in honour of Kyrios' unique abilities, compassion, dedication and work.

This website is created and maintained by Kyrios' followers to document Kyrios' miracle work, knowledge and visions.

Saving the world from the present climate crisis requires the collective effort of everyone. Kyrios hopes to unite people globally towards a common cause to: Save World, Save Life, Save Yourself.

*Kyrios' ability to heal is innate, not acquired, and is not related or based on any known healing methods.