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Kyrios’ Earth Day Message 2023

Planet Earth is where we all live, work and play. We build our homes on this beautiful land, and forge beautiful memories with our loved ones and friends. In the vastness of space, Earth is unique, one of a kind, and the only known planet to sustain life. Was it by chance that Earth exists? Science would make attempts to unravel and understand the processes in which Earth and our Universe was formed.

However, its instruments and methodologies are not able to scientifically prove the existence of a divine “hand” that controls and shapes these processes. Without such compelling evidence from science, does it then mean that Earth and our Universe was formed naturally by chance? The truth is, Earth and our Universe was created by our Creator. Such magnificent creation can only be formed as a result of a love that’s pure, powerful, and perfect. That is the love that our Creator has for all of Life and the reason why our Creator created Earth – as a homeland where we can sustain our lifetime of living and learn how to live righteously in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Humanity in our pursuit of enjoyment, status and power, has grown complacent and ignorant of the damage that we can cause to Earth. While the climate change movement has been gaining momentum, many are unaware of how close we are to another existential threat – a world war. When war breaks out, the destructive power of all the ordnance will lead to further environmental damage, pollution, release of radioactive and toxic substances, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and more. War can even bring about geological disasters such as increased tectonic activities which will lead to volcano eruptions and earthquakes. Innumerable lives will be lost.

Other activities that have an outsized impact on our climate crisis, also includes plans for establishing a lunar base and mining operations. I have shared before about the catastrophic impact this will have for life on Earth.

I have prophesied about several major events that will happen very soon. If we do nothing to change, life on Earth will no longer be as peaceful, pleasant and bountiful as before.


I’ll end off by reiterating two paragraphs from my 2022 Earth Day message:

“Humans must understand the truth and the reason for their existence throughout their life journey. They must cherish their life and that of their families, as well as the fates of all future generations. Only by learning to be righteous and cultivating the right principles and right mindfulness can everyone live happily and blissfully in this world.

We must all be grateful to the 🌍 Earth. Earth is life’s treasure for all of us, supplying all the precious essentials that our bodies need daily for good health, while also giving us and all future generations a land to thrive in. People around the world must unite and coexist peacefully. We must cherish, love, and protect our Earth – the homeland of our lives.”


22 April 2023