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China's One Belt One Road

The President of The United States of America, Donald Trump, is fearful and apprehensive of China’s President Xi Jinping’s proposed “One Belt One Road” policy as it provides a framework for the world to come together and work towards economic cooperation through joint developments to achieve global prosperity.

President Xi Jinping’s inspiration for this policy stems from his ideals, virtuousness, and sincere wish to help the world achieve everlasting peace and to prevent wars from occurring. Hopefully, leaders from all nations will respond favourably to President Xi Jinping’s proposal and work together to usher in an age of global economic stability, progress, and prosperity. Nations can then coexist peacefully, thus averting any risk of conflict and war.

Kyrios hopes that leaders from all nations will seriously consider and endorse the initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping because his thoughts, ideals, and actions are correct.

(Edited on 24 Mar, 2022 for clarity)