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South East Asia's Economic Prospects

Kyrios prophesied that the economies of Thailand and Vietnam will grow rapidly and as such, the countries will prosper. Cambodia’s economy will improve as well due to its government gradually opening to foreign trade and investment.

This is because, the governments of these nations actively build an economic environment promoting investment and actively attract more foreign investors, especially investors from China, to set up businesses, factories, and create more investment opportunities there. These schemes allow Vietnam’s economy to catch up to Malaysia’s.

Although Kyrios’ previous foretelling speaks of Malaysia’s economic recovery, appreciating currency, and stabilising debt in 2019 to 2020, if the government and its people continue to harbour racial ideologies and treat its citizens unfairly, then the previous prophecy of Malaysia’s economy soaring and becoming one of the second or third wealthiest nations will not happen.

Racial ideologies will lead to many people becoming jealous, greedy, and having the desire to dominate, causing them to sin gravely–they promote disharmony and disunity among the people.

The government of Malaysia must be wise, capable, and willing to always help its people. They must not fall prey to greed or selfishness. Instead, they must be pragmatic and impartial when enacting and executing laws while caring for and treating all the different races and religions equally.

Malaysia must be wary of its many criminal cases such as robbery, theft, and rape, and take the necessary steps to resolve them. If the police force continues to be corrupted and the country’s security does not improve, then the people of Malaysia will not be able to lead peaceful lives. When the people are most frustrated and troubled, many of the country’s more well-to-do citizens will migrate. Investors will also be deterred from investing in Malaysia due to insecurity and criminals running rampant. The country will lose many opportunities for economic development, and it will undoubtedly fall behind economically.

If the government wishes for the country to stabilise and develop, apart from enacting policies that aid the development of its citizens, they must not treat people of different races unfairly and unjustly. Policies must be fair, transparent, and promote equality amongst the different races and religions.

The government must be wise and genuinely care for the nation while administering it. Chinese ministers must be given opportunities to manage the country to allow Malaysia’s economy to develop and soar to greater heights. Otherwise, the opposite will happen, and the economy will not recover.

No country shall harbour racial or religious ideologies. Everyone must be able to live in harmony and be granted equal treatment regardless of their race. Mutual respect among the different cultures, races, and religions is of utmost importance. Otherwise, should conflicts be arising from different races or religious groups, the country will sink into chaos, the government will be threatened, and the economy will be greatly affected by the social unrest and thus, stagnate or deteriorate.

Only if Malaysia’s government and its people realise the truth; completely forsake racial ideologies and discrimination; strengthen their legislation; punish the corrupt, and achieve peace and stability, can the country attract foreign investors to invest in the country. Through this, Malaysia’s economic prospects and future will be brighter.