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Malaysians Forced To Raise Flags For Help

As COVID-19 ravages Malaysia, many citizens are forced to raise white and black flags at home to signal their desperation for help. A white flag indicates that the household is out of food, money, jobs, and they are in dire need of assistance, while a black flag shows their discontentment towards the government as well as their hope for reform and a change of government.

Due to the Movement Control Order, many enterprises have been unable to conduct their businesses for a prolonged period and face imminent closure. This has plunged countless people into financial difficulties and even drove some to commit suicide. The various hardships compelled many people to cry out for help by waving white flags outside their homes. Fortunately, there are several kind-hearted people and opposition party members from DAP who have been tirelessly supplying food and COVID-19 prevention essentials to those who have been signalling distress.

Kyrios hopes that Malaysia’s Head of State will take emergency actions to save the nation by quickly reopening the parliament to let good and capable MPs discuss the solutions to the problems of people’s livelihoods and revitalise the country’s paralysed economy, so that people may work and live in peace.

The Prime Minister and government officials must know how to love their country and show concern for their people. They must commit to protect the country and people, and work for the prosperity of the nation and economy, so that every citizen can live blissfully and be carefree. As the government of a country, there must not be any corruption, domineering behaviours or racial ideologies. The government must administrate with a strong sense of justice and treat every citizen impartially regardless of race and religion. Otherwise, people will not unite and strive for common national interests, which will hamper the country’s development and economic recovery.

Kyrios believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused people from every race to experience mounting frustrations and pressures of life, thus all the more should everyone understand the importance of mutual help and harmonious living. In times of crisis, many DAP MPs and Chinese people have come forward not only to contribute monetary and operational support, but they have also demonstrated altruism by risking their lives to distribute essential food and supplies to the needy, tiding households with white flags over the crisis regardless of their race.

Citizens from every race all look forward to seeing their country flourish. Hopefully, Malaysia’s Agong can hear the voices of the people and support the HARAPAN coalition to form the government. Only a good government that wholeheartedly serves to protect the country and the lives of its people can truly help citizens to cope with the threats brought about by COVID-19 and enable the economy to prosper, even propel the country to become rich and powerful.

After all, Kyrios believes that the wise and sensible Agong will not wish to see Malaysia deteriorate and fail, right?