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Letter to world leaders and government officials

Kyrios shares how leaders can bring their country to greatness by prioritising the well-being of the people, treasuring and protecting all life on Earth, as well as fostering unity, peace and harmony between countries.

World leaders gathering for the United Nations General Assembly meeting at the United Nations headquarters.

(Kyrios observes politicians, activists, and world leaders closely and often gives insights into their disposition and future because the actions and decisions of these high-profile individuals have a wide-reaching impact on the lives of millions.)

Letter To World Leaders And Government Officials

“People elect you with the belief that you will act in their best interests, meting out justice against corrupt officials and diabolical individuals. As an elected official, you are responsible and morally obligated to protect and care for the lives and livelihoods of the populace, as well as to foster peace and harmony between all ethnic groups.

Besides having integrity, foresight and ability, good governments must always prioritise the well-being of the people. They must not wage wars recklessly or sow discord to serve their self-interests. Doing so harms the economy, lives and communities. Wars also damage the Earth, its fragile ecosystems, and harms all forms of life.

As a leader of the country, you have a duty to treasure and protect all life on Earth while also reflecting on the blessings of Life’s existence. A good leader will have compassion and not bear to see people suffer or experience any grievances. If a leader does not embody these principles, we as the electorate must seriously reconsider our choices of leaders and whether they truly deserve the position.

This is the time for you to fulfil your promises to the people and lead your country to a brighter future. A leader with genuine foresight will protect the interests of his country while also fairly considering the interests of other nations. A good leader will strive for harmony and unity among all countries, enabling all to prosper together. Good leaders can bring countries to greatness and enable their people to live in peace and security.”

1 May 2023