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Kyrios' Observations On The Delta Variant In India

Kyrios paid attention to the COVID-19 situation in India and observed that a particular variant of SARS-CoV-2 is different from the original strain. Kyrios noted that its shape is slightly less rounded, it is more “aggressive”, and even babies, children, and teenagers are now prone to infection.

Infected individuals may not exhibit symptoms such as cough, flu or fever. Some may experience dizziness, weak legs and imbalance, as this virus tends to attack the brain. Some may vomit blood and even die from internal bleeding. In addition, while some may be asymptomatic, once it takes hold, death can quickly follow.

COVID-19 thrives in animals as well, even though they may not exhibit any symptoms. These animals may spread the virus, and those who consume their meat may also contract COVID-19 unknowingly.

Kyrios recommends cremating the bodies of those who die from COVID-19, or the virus may continue mutating and increase the chance of a deadlier variant emerging.

We all have a responsibility to help contain the spread of the virus. Besides adhering to social distancing and lockdown measures, Kyrios also suggests that we practise good hygiene:

  • Do not reuse disposable masks and use clean masks every time
  • Bathe and change into a clean set of clothes upon returning home
  • Soak used clothing in water before washing them
  • Disinfect toothbrushes by soaking in dilute white rice vinegar
  • Boil water before drinking
  • Avoid meat to reduce the risk of infection

If everyone adopts these good lifestyle habits, we can better safeguard our family and curb the pandemic more effectively.

Everyone should reflect on why the coronavirus had spread so aggressively around the world as soon as it emerged. Why is there still no signs of it going away after more than a year?

We become trapped in this increasingly severe pandemic crisis because humans failed to learn from past lessons and warnings. Instead of repenting, humans have time and again ignored the cautioning signs. For instance, the bird flu that originated from wild and domestic birds, the swine flu from pigs, the ebola virus from wild animals, and HIV from chimpanzees.

Zoonotic diseases arise because humans continuously encroach on the natural habitats and exploit animals for the sake of satisfying various desires and interests, hence upsetting the delicate balance between humans and the natural ecosystem.

Humans kill animals and consume their flesh, and in turn, viruses kill humans; humans imprison animals, and now we lose our freedom. If humans repeat the same mistakes and persist in killing and eating animals, our lives will only become increasingly difficult. Anyone and their families may lose their lives at any moment.

Kyrios says, “The Universe and all things are created by The Creator. We need to acknowledge that The Creator exists. Thus, all Life on Earth, including humans and other lifeforms, must abide by the laws and principles set forth by The Creator to achieve a state of balance. All animals, including domesticated ones, have their responsibilities and purpose in this world - they are not meant to be food on plates.

Hopefully, from today onward, everyone will learn to protect all Life on Earth - learn to renounce our appetite for meat; learn to emphasize on moral education; learn to mend our wrongful ways; and learn to be grateful to The Creator for the creation of everything for our sake. Hopefully, all humans can unite to initiate change and pray to The Creator to eradicate COVID-19 and rebuild a world free from disasters or sufferings.