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Fighting COVID-19 With You

Kyrios is saddened by the tragic deaths and the many hardships Malaysians have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kyrios is also touched by the heroic acts of volunteers from DAP, who have been risking their lives to bring food to needy families, as well as to disinfect their premises.

Malaysia also continues to have low rates of vaccinations in the population. With the rising prevalence of Delta COVID-19 (B16172) variant in the country, Malaysia will continue to face an uphill battle against the virus.

As such, over the next two months beginning 18 June 2021, Kyrios will release her energy bursts over West Malaysia and Singapore to help eliminate the virus in the environment. This is the same technique used successfully by Kyrios between April and July 2020, to help Italy, Spain, Greece and Switzerland during their first wave of the virus. Kyrios hopes that with her assistance, and the combined efforts of Malaysians, that Malaysia would soon be able to bring this virus under control.

Kyrios will also be raising funds to purchase personal protective equipment (PPEs) and disinfectants for the DAP volunteer teams, as well as staple food to distribute to needy families.

This pandemic has universally affected everyone. However, some people and their families are more affected than others. Kyrios hopes that if you are able, to lend help in whatever way you can - be it through donations of food, financial assistance to families without income, or even just words of encouragement. Kyrios also encourages everyone to pray to our Creator, to ask for his assistance in ending this pandemic sooner. Kyrios hopes that everyone, regardless of nationality, race or religion, can be united and help one another to get through this pandemic.

Stay tuned as we share updates from Kyrios.