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Testimonial by Stella - Recovery from C19

(Script has been edited for clarity)

Hello, everyone. My name is Stella, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Today I would like to share the story on how Kyrios cured me from my C19.

I have known Kyrios since I was small through my parents. I used to have asthma, and every time I have difficulty in breathing, Kyrios would always help me through Space Healing, which is currently over the phone. I vividly remember during my childhood my father had a sudden breathing problem, and we were so panicked and contacted Kyrios for help. The result was instantaneous. After the call, my father’s breathing is normal again. So, let me share my story about the C19.

On 12th of April 2021, I was slightly uncomfortable and felt mild sore throat and headache. And the next day, the headache got worse and fever started. On April 14th, I went for swab test antigen, and I was tested with positive. And the very next day, on 15th April, I went for swab PCR test, and the result was, once again, positive.

I reached out for Kyrios’ help on 15th of April. I was very glad that on 22nd April, my antigen test is negative. And on 30th April, a week after that, my PCR test was also negative.

Kyrios and I are in different part of the world, but that does not hinder the healing process as it can be done via WhatsApp video call. This video call happens daily, and I am very encouraged to reach out to Kyrios whenever I feel unwell. And every time I will feel warm all over my body and tingling feel throughout my nose and all over my head. After every session, I would feel more energetic, headache getting better, and nose block cleared.

Maintaining a healthy diet during the C19 recovery process is very important. She would advise me on what I should consume more and what I should not touch. Adopting a vegan diet is a very encourage way, and I started adopting it on 16th April.

Kyrios is a very caring and powerful healer. She would regularly ask me for an update on how I am feeling. And during the first few days of my C19 journey, I would feel very fatigued. And sometimes, I would sleep through our healing session, but she would still WhatsApp me and call me when I am awake.

I believe that I was able to recover from my C19 was all because of Kyrios’ Space Healing that I have received.

I hope C19 will leave our Earth soon.

Every day, we hear so many news about how people are suffering around the world. And before I was tested positive, everything felt so distant to me. With no access to healthcare or sufficient aid, many people succumb to the illness and leave (behind) families to grieve for them. Many are not as lucky as I am.

I need to be thankful that I am still alive today. I have come to really understand how severe and how terrible C19 is. I could have been one of them being cremated while my family in grief. I think that like myself, all of us are actually looking at the ballooning figures of C19 without much care. I feel that we all need to pay more attention to the virus that is still killing us. Killing so many people.

We need to also play our part to prevent the spread of the virus, so no one will have to suffer what we may have suffered and our pain because of our negligence.

And perhaps as people who live in the same world, we must be more empathetic towards those who suffer from it. I hope everyone is healthy and will be greeting each another without mask soon. Before I end this video, I would like to express my gratitude to Kyrios.

Thank you very much.