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Testimonial by Judy - Recovery from inability to squat due to numbness in thigh

(Script has been edited for clarity)

Hello, I’m Judy. I met Kyrios on the 18th of April, and that’s the first time which I’ve attended her talk. She is a sincere, kind and respectful person. During her talk, I have learnt from her lots of wisdom, and also, she tries to teach the audience to be of a good character.

After the session, I went up to her to thank her, and also took this opportunity to get her to heal my leg, which I have felt numb and uneasy for some time already. She readily accepted my request, and my first healing (session) started the next week.

The space healing that she conducted was very simple. She just said, ‘Close your eyes—’ and in the split of a second— ‘You open your eyes.’ And she said, ‘Stand up, take a few steps forward, and try to squat.’ To my amazement, I was able to squat easily and without tension. I felt so happy and light-hearted. And the healing session goes on for some time until late July this year.

I felt that I should not take up Kyrios’ time as she is always very busy healing others, and she is not taking any fee or token for her time spent on healing us and others. Thus, I felt there are many people who needed the time from Kyrios more than me. I took the chance to ask Kyrios if it is okay for me to stop the healing for the time being and give up my time to others who needed most, and she said, ‘Okay. It’s good.’

And I was happy too, because I also felt that I should exercise on my own to speed up my issue to get better. And Kyrios said, ‘It’s okay.’ Anytime if I need help, she is always there for me.

And to end this session, I would like to thank the team and Kyrios for the time spent. And the takeaway from Kyrios is: Save World, Save Life, Save Yourself. Thank you very much and 感恩 (grateful) to all of you.

Take care.