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Testimonial by Ong Jing Whee - Recovery from C19

(Script has been edited for clarity)

Hi everyone, my name is Ong Jing Whee, and I’m from Singapore. Today, I would like to share with you all how Kyrios has healed me from the C19 virus. I knew Kyrios through my brother and parents as we would attend some of their meetings to understand more about the topics that they are actually sharing.

So, on the 14th of September this year (2021), I started to feel some slight cough with a bit of itchiness in my throat. On the next day, I actually started to feel a bit of feverish and some running nose. On the 16th of September, I immediately went to see the doctor as I thought it might have been the symptoms of C19. The doctor also performed the swab PCR test for me afterwards.

A day later, I got my test result, and it was positive for the C19 virus. On the 18th of September, I went to stay at the Community Care Facility as I did not want to spread the virus to my family members.

I then thought of Kyrios as she has mentioned before that she has cured many patients, including those that have the C19 virus. I immediately contacted her, and she started her healing over the phone through WhatsApp video call every day. After the healing session, she told me to drink more warm water and eat more vegetables as the chlorophyll in the vegetables can help to destroy the virus. I started my vegetarian diet on 19th September as I would like to recover quickly.

Two days later, my fever was gone, and I’ve actually felt a bit more comfortable. As each day goes by, the tendency of my coughing and running nose improved. On the 29th September, I still had a bit of coughing, and I had to do another round of the PCR test.

After the next two days, my test result was actually positive. So, the medical team at the Community Care Facility said that even though I had a positive test result, the C19 virus in my body was not infectious to others as the CT value that I have was above 30, so it will not infect the others around me. I was then discharged from the facility, and I went back home to actually take a rest.

After getting discharged from the Community Care Facility, I did another two rounds of ART testing at home. Both of my test results were negative. So, after getting healed from Kyrios over those two weeks, I felt that she is actually a powerful healer who can save and cure the illness that any people have. She wanted to save me from the virus, and she wants to help as much people as she can to reduce the suffering that will actually torment those patients throughout their entire lives.

Every day, we witness many C19 cases happening around the world, and some of them do not even have good access to healthcare. The (We are) fortunate to be living in Singapore with a good healthcare system as we continue to live in this endemic life, and we should take care of our own health hygiene by reducing the spread of the virus so as to not infect the others around us. I wish that everyone will stay healthy.

Lastly, I feel grateful to Kyrios as she has helped me to recover a lot from this C19 virus, and I believe that Kyrios can help anyone to cure any illness that they have. I hope that more people will follow the same path and also have a healthy diet by consuming more vegetables.

She has actually taught us the meaning of life by being a good person, so the thing is, we have to actually help each other out in need, and also, we have to continue to do good deeds.

She also mentioned that humans would actually continue to destroy their homes as they will create more fires and pollution, which will lead to more global warming. So, we should take action to rescue and protect our Earth for future generations to come.

Thank you, Kyrios.