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Testimonial by Karen Tay - Recovery from chronic pain on the left leg

(Script has been edited for clarity)

Hello, everyone. I am Karen Tay. One day, I received a WhatsApp from my classmate, Emellyn, and she invited me to attend Kyrios’ sharing session. Kyrios’ name is so unique, so I called Emellyn to find out more about Kyrios. I attended the first sharing session on 4th of April ’21 and was introduced to Kyrios.

The first time I met Kyrios, I can feel the loving kindness she radiates out, and she has such a compassionate look. The sharing session was interesting. Before I went home, Kyrios told me that I have leg problem. I was, indeed, so surprised. How come!? First time I meet Kyrios, she can see through my body and health. And that is really amazing!

I was having pain on my left foot for the past two years or more. Sometimes the pain is quite bad and I have seen the TCM doctor many times, and each time he prescribes me medication and oil to rub. Sometimes the pain goes off but still comes back; the relief is just for a short time. And the doctor says that it might be rheumatism.

During my six monthly check-up at the Polyclinic, I brought up my foot problem to the doctor. And each time, he prescribes Panadol to me to ease the pain. I decided to stop taking Panadol because the pain relief is only temporary. Doctor gives me Kefentech plaster and this also relieve me awhile only.

After attending the third sharing session, I asked Kyrios whether I can receive healing from her. Without any hesitation, she agreed. And my first healing session was on 19th of April ’21.

During my healing sessions, Kyrios will ask me to close my eyes, and (she) started healing me. It takes about a minute, and usually, I feel very calm and comfortable during her healings. When Kyrios’ schedule is too busy, she will heal me through my photo the next day. My left foot (condition) has improved a lot. But sometimes, the pain comes back, but less frequently. So, I continue to get healing from Kyrios.

Now, I am completely healed. So, no matter how busy Kyrios is, especially with the rising number of COVID-19 cases to heal and sometimes, emergency cases that need her instant healing, she never, never fails to heal me. For this, I deeply appreciate Kyrios for her precious time, her strength and (her) energy.

Kyrios has a big heart with loving kindness and compassion. She heals anyone from all walks of lives irregardless of your race and religion, young and old, rich and poor, without a single cent. And she does not even want to accept any token. All she wants us is to conduct ourselves righteously. From knowing Kyrios, I have learned to be a better person. A person with good morality and integrity to be kind and generous and help those less fortunate ones. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. If we have to choose between being kind and being right, choose to be kind and you will always be right.

We should be united with all people to a common cause to save the World, to save lives, and to save ourselves. I wholeheartedly thank Kyrios for her precious time in healing me. And I have gained wisdom and valuable knowledge from her sharing sessions. And grateful thanks to her team for scheduling my appointments. Thank you again, Kyrios… Thank you