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“Kyrios helped my 80-year-old mother-in-law recover from a severe infection of C19”

Testimonial by Lawrence and Nonie, Singapore

(Script has been edited for clarity)

Hello. My name is Lawrence. I’m from Singapore. I have known Kyrios for more than five years now. I became acquainted with Kyrios through two friends of mine who had personally been healed by Kyrios from their critical illness. My wife also had a terrible headache for a year or two, and Kyrios carried out healing treatments for my wife, healing her. In this video, I will talk about my mother-in-law’s experience with COVID-19. She is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On 6 July 2021, I received a call from our helper in Jakarta saying that our mother-in-law, Djuniwati Prasetio, wasn’t feeling well. So, we called Kyrios for help. My wife was very worried because she was in Singapore. We discovered later that my mother-in-law was running a very high fever—38 degrees Celsius. Kyrios said that she would try her best to bring down the temperature. True enough, two days later—on 8th of July, Thursday—her temperature came down to normal. It was amazing! It was now 36 degrees Celsius—no fever. At that time, my mother-in-law was still feeling unwell, and she took a PCR test on the same day. The next day, the result turned out to be positive.

At night, our neighbours, Fen Fen, and Mr Edward, came to visit our mother-in-law at her home to help. Mama’s (mother-in-law’s) oxygen level had dropped from 95% to 88%, and then to 73%. So, our neighbour, Mr Edward, came in time with an oxygen tank to supply her with oxygen. At that point in time, they called Kyrios via WhatsApp, and it was through Fen Fen and Mr Edward that they were able to interpret and talk to Mama (mother-in-law). Kyrios was able to help, somehow or rather, to stabilise her condition. Eventually, her oxygen level stabilised, rising slowly from 73% to 88%.

The next day, we engaged a house doctor to check our Mama’s (mother-in-law’s) condition. Apparently, the doctor said that her condition was not good and that she needed to go to the hospital urgently. My wife’s cousin, Lily, tried to contact a lot of hospitals, but they did not answer the phone; the beds were full. We could not get the ambulance, even. This was because, at that point in time, Indonesia was having a very high peak with a lot of COVID-19 cases. Mr Edward and Pastor Vincent plucked up their courage to drive Mama (mother-in-law) to the hospital.

Eventually, they were very lucky. Mama (mother-in-law) was the second patient to be admitted to the converted carpark space of the hospital. They also managed to acquire a stretcher; it’s not even a bed. But the most important thing was that there was a constant oxygen supply for Mama (mother-in-law).

She took a blood test and was x-rayed. The x-ray result was not good—my mother in-law was suffering from pneumonia and she had a very thick blood. Other than that, her situation had stabilised: her temperature was normal, her high blood pressure was normal, and her oxygen level was also back to normal, which was above 95%.

Later in the evening, the doctor called my wife’s cousin to inform her that Mama (mother-in-law) was in a very critical condition that needed my mother-in-law to be transferred into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit. But at that point in time, the ICU was full; they didn’t have enough beds, So, we called Kyrios for help, and Kyrios said that she would try her very best to help my mother-in-law. Eventually, Kyrios also asked us to pray.

So, what the doctor said was that at that point in time, mum’s (mother-in-law’s) blood was very thick and would cause the blood to clot anytime. This could cause less oxygen to be supplied to the whole body, and the oxygen level could drop anytime. At that point in time, Kyrios also gave us a message that said that mama, mother in law, was in danger, so we must be very careful.

After my wife flew back to Jakarta on 20th July, my wife had a video call with her mum, and she felt that her mum’s condition improved a lot; she felt that her mum regained her voice, her strength to speak. The critical part was the first 10 days because she was 80 years old, and she had underlying conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, and thick blood. All these were contributing factors that made her situation more critically or would actually hinder her recovery.

By 28th July, my wife received a call from the doctor, saying that my mother-in-law could be discharged the next day. She said that although the COVID test result was positive, but because her CT value is very high—which was about 33—her viral load was not spreadable and that it was safe.

In summary, what I would like to say is that for my 80-year-old mother-in-law, it’s was a miracle that she was able to recover so fast—within 19 days in the hospital—and turning positive test results into negative ones within 48 days. I would like to say thanks to Kyrios for the intervention as well as her selfless and unconditional help.

So, you are very fortunate if you are able to meet Kyrios. Kyrios helps all kinds of people regardless of religion or race. Kyrios is actually very kind, and she does not want any monetary returns for helping people. What Kyrios wants from us is for us to be better people and pay forward to help as many people as possible, like what we are doing now in this video. Once again, we are deeply grateful to Kyrios.

Thank you, Kyrios.

Hello. My name is Nonie. In this short video, I would like to thank Kyrios for helping to heal my mum, Djuniwati Prasetio. She is beside me. She fell sick and was positive with COVID-19, and it was a miracle that mama was healed at this old an age—80 years old—while having diabetes and other sicknesses.

I know Kyrios through my Singaporean husband, Lawrence Yong. Finally, from the bottom of my heart and with grateful heart, thank you, Kyrios.

Thank you very much for your help.