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“My daughter had a hole in her heart and weighed only 850g at birth.”

She is now a healthy 7 year old girl, all thanks to Kyrios.

Left: En in the neonatal intensive care unit after a premature birth. Right: A healthy En at aged 7. Published with permission from Low Weizhong, En's Dad.

My name is Low Weizhong, and I’m from Singapore. This is an update of my video testimonial from 2017 (see video above).

My faith and belief in Kyrios took root in 1998, when she accurately predicted the untimely passing of my brother. Despite advising my mother to take precautions, my mother did not heed Kyrios’ warnings. Unfortunately, a few months later, my brother suddenly fell ill and passed away at the young age of 18. The cause of death was meningitis (inflammation of the brain membrane).

In 2007, my faith in Kyrios was reinforced. My mother was suffering from kidney failure at the time and we turned to Kyrios for help in healing her. My mother’s conditions improved thereafter and in conjunction with her healing efforts, Kyrios advised my mother to restrict her diet and limit her sugar and salt intake to prolong her life. Regrettably, my mother could not control her diet and her health took a turn for the worse, resulting in her passing in 2009. Despite this outcome, these events further solidified my trust and belief in Kyrios.

So in 2016, when my second daughter, En, was born prematurely, I knew I had to turn to Kyrios for help. En weighed only 850 grams at birth and was just the size of my palm. I was extremely worried for her survival. Specialist doctors from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital discovered that she had multiple health issues including a hole in her heart. I was informed that she would have to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for at least 4 to 6 months, maybe even longer. I called Kyrios in the hopes that she could save En.

Over the phone, Kyrios further diagnosed that not only did En have a hole in her heart, her spine was very narrow and there were problems with her kidneys. When Kyrios assured me that she would be able to help En, I heaved a sigh of relief. I called Kyrios everyday and she would tirelessly heal En remotely over the phone. Miraculously, after just 2 months, En was transferred to the general ward. In the third month, she was discharged from the hospital! Thanks to Kyrios’ healing, En developed much faster than other premature babies. Kyrios continued to help En for almost two years after her discharge, and she is now a healthy 7-year-old child. I am eternally grateful to Kyrios for saving my beloved daughter.

The love and compassion that Kyrios has shown me has not only saved my child, but has also changed me as a person. I used to struggle with anger and impatience, but Kyrios taught me to overcome these negative traits. I am forever grateful to Kyrios for the transformative impact she has had on my life. Despite all the help that Kyrios has rendered to me, which included a complete recovery from COVID-19, Kyrios has never asked for payment or expected any benefits. Instead, she asked only for me to be a better person and showed me the importance of helping others and caring for our planet and all living beings. Thanks to Kyrios, my life is filled with love and joy, and I will always hold Kyrios close to my heart.

(Edited for clarity)