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“My daughter was born prematurely with an underdeveloped brain structure and a missing kidney.”

Within a few days, Kyrios healed my daughter completely and she now has a fully developed brain and both kidneys.

Left: Wan Mohd Razifuddin and his healthy daughter. Right: Wan Mohd Razifuddin's daughter in the intensive care unit after a premature birth. Published with permission from Wan Mohd Razifuddin.

My name is Wan Mohd Razifuddin and I’m from Malaysia. On 19 April 2020, my daughter was born prematurely at 8.5 months. She weighed a mere 1.25kg at birth. Before she was born, doctors from the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur suspected that she had chromosomal abnormalities that would cause disorders in her growth. A prenatal scan revealed that one of her kidneys was missing and there was asymmetrical brain development – the left ventricle of her brain was dilated and her brain structure was underdeveloped. Both conditions were linked to the chromosome abnormalities. In light of this, I reached out to seek Kyrios’ help to save my daughter. Kyrios agreed, but told me to call only after the baby was born as she doesn’t interfere while the child is in the womb.

Immediately after birth, my daughter was placed in an incubator in the ICU. She was also found to have underdeveloped lungs. I reached out to Kyrios for assistance in healing my baby, and Kyrios performed remote healing sessions via the phone. I provided daily updates on my daughter’s condition to Kyrios as directed. With God’s Grace, after 3 days of remote healing by Kyrios, my daughter was no longer reliant on a ventilator to support her breathing and a new scan also revealed the presence of a previously absent kidney! On the 5th day, the specialist doctor informed me that the ventricle problems on the baby’s brain had been resolved and both sides of her brain were normal!

Kyrios not only healed my daughter, she also constantly teaches us to renounce negative traits such as anger, arrogance, greed, jealousy, envy and materialism. She inculcates in us positive values, encouraging us to embrace compassion, kindness, respect, empathy, and to treat eveyone as family, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

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